“Pun Moo” is E-Saan Language. “Pun ” means share, and “Moo” means friend.  Therefore “Pun Moo” means share to friend. We would like to promote our representative as “Pun Moo” to do Fund Raising for doing good with our target groups at project site areas, border Thai-Laos.

We gave the name ” Pun Moo” as a name of a humble buffalo. Pun Moo is as sincere, patient, and ready to struggle as the peaceful Health and Share Foundation aiming to distribute happiness and to relieve suffers by providing comfort zones for empowering the outreach to be healthy and within equal rights as the others.

Pun Moo, the observer who loves to utilize existing resources for appropriate ways of life and to promote community participation in terms of planning, taking action, and applying local wisdom for developing the community, youth groups, the outreach children and people in six districts (Khemmarat, Natan, Pho Sai, Kudkaopoon, Warin Chamrab, and Kuang Nai), Ubon Ratchathani province, Thailand

Pun Moo empowers people with sex diversities and Karaoke sex workers to be within equal rights and to live happily together with the others in communities as well as to be socially accepted for accessing equal health services in Thai-Lao boarder, Ubon Ratchathani province.

Pun Moo promotes happy living among people by promoting health care among family members, community people, and people with HIV/AIDS in Khemmarat and Natan districts, Ubon Ratchathani.


Thank you for kindly supporting us