To be an efficiently managed foundation functioning primarily in the areas of health and social outreach, with a knowledgeable and skilled staff capable of promoting participation in every sector of the local community in order to achieve the highest possible social and community benefits for the local disadvantaged population.

Community Health Navigator

The project aims to build up machinery to work in district level for advocating policy and implementation on sexual reproductive health and sexual wellbeing of Lao Migrant Female, with collaborations of organizations through field workers like ‘Community Health Navigator or Health Buddy’, peers who take care of health and sexual reproductive health.


August 27, 2018

Announcement of Study Tour

There have been about 500,000 HIV positive people existing in Thailand nowadays. After Thai government provides free Antiretroviral (ARV) drugs, new cases of HIV positive have been decreased in total. However, there have been still issues left to be overcome since some HIV positive cases taking ARV stop drugs by themselves after they realize that they become healthier.


June 19, 2012