By becoming a HEALTH AND SHARE FOUNDATION (HSF) member, you can provide funding for three home visits a year by a local PHA group leader to the home of an HIV-positive individual.  See below for more details.

  1. Membership costs 1,000 Baht annually
  2. Members receive a HEALTH AND SHARE FOUNDATION (HSF)quarterly newsletter which covers progress in ongoing HIV/AIDS projects and recent activities.
  3. Members will have the option to take part in SHARE Thailand’s annual budget and project review meeting, and will have the right to participate in the election of new board members and upper-level management positions.

Regulation for applying to be our member

  1. Pay for member fee 200 baht a year for a temporary member.
  2. Pay for member fee 1,000 baht once for a permanent member.

What you will get from us;

  1. Member card
  2. Newsletter every 3 months a year
  3. Field trip or study tour of the HEALTH AND SHARE FOUNDATION project site area
  4. Special gifts from a disadvantaged group
  5. Sharing information at the website or newsletter of HEALTH AND SHARE FOUNDATION

How to terminate of membership

  1. Death
  2. Resign or moved without contract
  3. Do not pay for member fee more than 2 years

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Download form : doc | pdf