Individual donations:

1,000 Baht: You can fund three home visits to an HIV-positive individual in a year.

5,000 Baht: You can fund a day-long activity for local children and youth who are affected by HIV/AIDS.  Many of these children/youth have had HIV passed down from their mothers.  Others have been orphaned after parents have died from HIV/AIDS, while others have parents, guardians or siblings who are currently HIV-positive.  Previous activities have included: “Setting goals to reach your Dreams,” aimed at helping youths take steps to affect positive changes in their lives in order to reach long-term goals; “Healthy Earth, Healthy Body,” a day-long environmental camp for children stressing the role that a clean environment plays in maintaining personal health; “Sharing Feelings,” a day-long meeting of children and youth affected by HIV/AIDS and their guardians/parents focused on increasing communication, and building trust.

20,000 Baht: You can fund an AIDS awareness/Sex-education seminar for 200 students at a local school.

30,000 Baht: You can provide funds necessary to conduct an AIDS awareness campaign at the district level.


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