Meio University ST2013 – Day 5 [Ubonratchathani & Sayonara]

Waking up early again this morning… according to plan, this was the last morning in Pak-sang village and we had to say goodbye, even though it was difficult, to the host families… The girls had prepared a thank you speech to be said to Grandmom Shu, P’ Ruk, P’ Thong, Mai-chan, and O-chan… another touching moment again this morning…We gathered again in Pak-sang village hall where we first met with the host families to express our sincere thanks to everyone for the last time.

Study tour 2013 – HOW students learnt from Health and Share Foundation [ day4 Culture night ]

We used a primary school in Pak-sang village to host the Culture Night. All villagers either from Pak-sang or neighbouring villages were most welcome…The kids from the Pak-sang village, which were also students of this primary school, also took part in the event, including traditional E-san dances…The highlight was Buy-see-soo-kwan ceremony, a very unique E-san tradition which will only be done to important guests.