Health Activities Participated by Inhabitants

Anti-diarrhea Project in Si Kaeo Village (Yasothon Province)(1990-1995)

Health Volunteers joined in on the discussion about the causes of diarrhea. Through skits and children’s poster contests, villagers learned the causes of diarrhea. They worked hard to drill wells, build toilets and make ladles, and after three years, villagers themselves could prevent diarrhea.

Si Kaeo Village Health Check Project (Yasothon Province) (1993-1997)

Health volunteer leaders and Health Center staff conducted twice-a-year health checks so that villagers themselves would know about their own health.

Donmoak Village Health Developing Project (Ubonratchathani Province) (1992 – 1994)

Starting with trash picking with school children and making waste bins with health volunteers, the project was aimed to promote cleaner living and cleaner villages. Afterwards, they started health checks.

Khanthakwian Village Dietary/Living Improvements Activities Ubon Ratchathani Province(1992 – 1996)

Health education and lessons on improving living conditions were offered to primary school children. Health volunteers were invited to help with bodyweight measurement and supplement lunches for children under five at the Health Centers. They joined in preparing menus for supplement lunches.

Nutrition/Living Condition Improvement Project in Children’s Self-support Center in Kham Khuean Kaeo Village (Yasothon Province)(1991-1994)

Financial support was extended to facilities for children unable to afford middle school education; the money was for dormitories, guidance for better life, costs for growing rice, and raising chickens/pigs.

Training of Cambodians in Thailand (1993 – 1995)

Two groups of 30-odd Cambodian nurses and birth assistants studied community health activities in Thailand.